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Nvidia’s Arm-Based Processors: The Next Big Leap for PCs in 2025!


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Nvidia is said to be in the early stages of developing Arm-based processors suitable for Windows PCs in 2025.

Nvidia’s New Venture into Arm-Based Processors

Positioning itself as a potential rival to Intel. Reports suggest that Nvidia’s new chips could be available by 2025. This development aligns with Microsoft’s broader aim to compete with Apple’s Arm-based processors for Windows PCs. Research indicates that since Apple introduced its Arm-based Apple Silicon three years ago, its market dominance has almost doubled. Apple’s proprietary Mac chips have set a high standard in terms of both performance, including AI-related tasks, and battery longevity, which Intel has yet to achieve.

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Nvidia’s Past Endeavors and Official Statements

When contacted for a comment, Nvidia’s representative, Hector Marinez, chose not to provide any insights. It’s worth noting that Nvidia has previously worked with Arm-based chips, primarily intended for data centers. In 2020, Nvidia disclosed its intentions to acquire Arm Holdings for a whopping $40 billion. However, this deal was terminated in early 2022.

The Broader Landscape: AMD and Qualcomm

Simultaneously, AMD is rumored to be launching its own Arm-based PC chips around 2025. This will see them team up with Qualcomm, a company that has been producing processors for Windows laptops since 2016. According to sources, Qualcomm’s exclusive partnership with Microsoft regarding Arm-based Windows chip designs will conclude in 2024, paving the way for new competitors shortly thereafter. The adoption of Windows on Arm hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive so far.

Insights from Industry Experts

Jay Goldberg, the CEO of consultancy firm D2D Advisory, shared with Reuters, “Microsoft has taken lessons from the past and doesn’t wish to rely solely on Intel. They don’t want to be tied down to just one supplier. If Arm became a significant player in the PC chip market, Microsoft wouldn’t allow Qualcomm to be the only provider.”

Microsoft’s Vision for the Future

As Microsoft, along with many tech giants, places its bets on generative AI, the forthcoming chips are expected to strongly emphasize this technology. Reports say Microsoft has encouraged chip manufacturers to integrate sophisticated AI functionalities into their products. In line with this vision, Microsoft recently unveiled Windows Copilot, featuring an OpenAI-driven chatbot that can answer questions within the Windows environment.

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