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Instagram’s AI-Powered Tool to Turn Your Photos into Dynamic Stickers!


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Instagram Unveils a Revolutionary AI-Powered Tool to Transform Your Photos into Dynamic Stickers for Reels & Stories!

Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that allows users to design custom stickers from their own photographs, and in certain situations, from others’ images as well. These stickers can be added to Reels or Stories. Unlike Meta’s recent endeavors into AI-driven stickers, this tool is more straightforward. Its primary function is to identify the main subject of a photo, eliminate the background, and produce an independent sticker to overlay on other media.

Instagram AI-driven stickers

A preview showcased a sticker of a French bulldog using this tool.

Adam Mosseri provided a short overview of the tool’s functionality in a video on his broadcasting channel. He mentioned that users wouldn’t only be able to craft stickers from saved images on their devices, but also from “permissible photos found on Instagram.” Although Mosseri didn’t delve deeper into this feature, it hints that users might have the choice to make their photos available for sticker creation.

This feature is still in its trial phase and isn’t accessible to every user yet. We’ll gain a clearer understanding as it progresses. Notably, the platform recently began testing a new voting mechanism that appears in the comment section of feed posts.

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