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Google Bard Now Offers Real-Time Responses to AI Inquiries, Similar to ChatGPT


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Chatbots powered by generative AI, such as ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard, are constantly evolving and improving. Google’s virtual assistant has recently received an update that allows it to deliver responses in real time, should users prefer this method.

Previously, Bard would carefully craft its responses before displaying them on the screen, a method that differed from ChatGPT and Bing Chat’s approach of generating text in real time as the response is being formulated.

However, Google Bard has now adopted this real-time response feature as its new default setting. This development was first noticed by the team at 9to5Google, and many users, including ourselves, have observed this change firsthand, even though Bard’s official changelog hasn’t been updated to announce this new feature.

When you visit Bard on the web after this update, you’ll likely notice a notification informing you of the change. If you prefer the previous method of response generation, you can easily switch back. Simply click on the settings icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and select the option “Respond once complete.”

Despite this update, the essence of Bard remains unchanged. The quality and content of the responses provided by Google’s AI are the same. The real-time response feature, however, does add a more human-like touch to the interaction, even though it’s fundamentally the same bot at work.

With Google Bard’s new functionality, users now have the option to interrupt the bot mid-response. This can be particularly useful if you realize you’ve made an error in your prompt, or if Bard seems to be heading in the wrong direction with its answer.

It’s noteworthy that Google Bard has adopted a feature that has been a staple for ChatGPT and Bing Chat (which is powered by ChatGPT). Yet, these AI platforms will ultimately be assessed on the quality of their responses, not just the manner in which they deliver them.

After Bard completes a response, users can still explore alternative answers by clicking the “View other drafts” link, which is situated in the top right corner. Additionally, there’s a customization feature at the bottom of the screen, symbolized by sliders, that allows users to adjust the response’s length and complexity to their liking.

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