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First Look: HomePod 2024 Boasts a Vibrant LCD Revealed in Stunning Images!


HomeHardwareSmart-HomeFirst Look: HomePod 2024 Boasts a Vibrant LCD Revealed in Stunning Images!

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According to the website, Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the HomePod that features a screen, with images emerging online that seemingly provide a first look at this innovative smart speaker. The photo suggests a size comparable to the second-generation model released earlier this year, but notably, it has an operational LCD display at the top.

Apple HomePod prototypes and products

This image was posted by a device enthusiast who has in the past unveiled authentic information about various Apple prototypes and products. This same individual earlier shared photos of parts that seem to belong to a prototype HomePod, which includes a large touchscreen sensor on its top, significantly bigger than the current model.

In a separate development, 9to5Mac has reportedly confirmed the authenticity of these images through its own channels. They state that the prototype, referred to internally as B720, is an active project at Apple, not just a past experiment. 9to5Mac further mentions that a specific app displayed on the HomePod’s screen is used internally for testing purposes. Indications from the software suggest that Apple Music and Apple Podcasts will be among the first apps revamped to work with this new screen. The display might also show essential notifications and animations related to the content being played.

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In 2021, a journalist from Bloomberg hinted that Apple was venturing into creating HomePods with both displays and cameras. An analyst later predicted that Apple might introduce a revamped HomePod with a 7-inch display by the first half of 2024. Long-term, there are whispers that Apple aims to redefine its smart home approach, with ideas like a combined Apple TV and HomePod device, and even a HomePod with a screen attached to a robotic arm.

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